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So here I am, writing a blog!

Who’d have thought it? Me the technophobe! So why blog? Well I do love to chat and this is just another excuse (albeit a wee bit one sided). But I also really want give a my precious customers and followers an insight into the life of a modern day florist; hopefully magnifying my passion of all things botanical. I’ll share photos of what I’m making, exciting projects and regular D.I.Y. tutorials.


So what do you need to know?

Emma Venn

Moss & Clover, Sheffield

What I do:
Vintage/wild looking floristry, design and make terrariums (mini – worlds in glassware), and sell a plethora of garden and houseplants: offering advice P.O.T’ s (plant M.O.T’S) and babysitting services for plants (free and no, I’m not joking!).


Why floristry?
I love flowers. I really do. I need to be surrounded by them for my sanity. I love the incredible shapes and colours, I love the textures and perhaps most of all, I love the wonderful smells of blooms. Each bouquet leaving my shop is scented.

Why terrariums?
They’re just so intriguing aren’t they? The different glasswares, the landscaping of them and how they work as little eco-systems. I have a background in vintage trading and first saw these around a decade ago. They were huge in the Victorian era and then again in the 70’s – I thought they were fascinating and beautiful. I just love the feel of the dirt between my fingers as I design each totally unique mini-world.


Why Sheffield?
I’m Sheffield born and bred – I was actually born around the corner from the shop. So after an 8 year stint in that there London town, we moved to this wonderful leafy, village-in-the-city called Nether Edge. The community here have embraced the shop with amazing warmth and regularly stop by to shop and/or for a good ol’ chin wag!

So that's a little bit about me and what I do, I'd love to get to know you guys a little better so feel free to drop a comment below, and come join me on Instagram to see what I'm up to.